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"These women are utterly unlike the women I know. Women who cry and get drunk and fuck, mouths open. I am a woman sure, but I am not a film woman. I am ugly, uncool, brilliant and most of all desirous."   
Gabrielle Marceau From a Review of On The Road

@lapinkmilk: what is it about after thirty
@lapinkmilk:... Something slides

@jamesfrancotv: 35 y old men have a lot going on
@jamesfrancotv: gotta be more specific

@lapinkmilk: like why are you always tryna go to bed w PYTs

@jamesfrancotv: who wouldn't

@lapinkmilk: no but what is it
@lapinkmilk: you wanna drink their blood or something?

Paule Kelly-Rhéaume - My Imaginary Conversation With James Franco